Portable Vision And Audio is An Experiment In Art Making, Mentoring And The Convergence Of Three Stories

Portable Vision students and mentors

Portable Vision and Audio is an art based mentoring program (visual and music arts) in which teenagers and mentors work together to create quality pieces of art which tell their unique stories. Art then becomes a meaningful and useful way to connect lives. On this art making journey together, we get to see these stories converge... and it is beautiful.

Portable Vision students and mentors

"I really benefited from being in Portable Vision and Audio because this is the first time I've ever displayed my life in a painting. It was uncomfortable at first, but I hope sharing my story will help someone through their own."

Portable Vision and Audio student

Portable Vision students and mentors


• shared art studio experience

• meets every Tuesday evening for 12 weeks

• concludes with a public gallery exhibition

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